Terms & Conditions

HOMETerms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Article 1 Application of Provisions 1. The terms and conditions of stay and the relevant contracts shall be governed by these Terms & Conditions of this hotel, and the matters not specified in these Terms & Conditions shall be governed by relevant laws and practices.
2. The hotel is subject to this rule regarding credit card reservations, but such details depend on the franchise agreement between the credit card company and the hotel.

Article 2 Refusal of Accommodation The hotel may refuse to provide accommodation in the following cases:

1. If the accommodation request is not according to these Terms & Conditions
2. If all the rooms & suites are fully booked and no accommodation is available
3. If there is a reasonable suspicion that the party or parities desiring the accommodation may violate the rules of accommodation, public order, or established social morals
4. If the party or parties looking for accommodation is clearly identified to be afflicted by an infectious disease
5. If the party or parties puts an undue burden on the hotel for accommodation
6. If the party or parties is deemed to possess pet(s) or dangerous drugs
7. If accommodation is not available due to a natural disaster, a breakdown of the facilities, or unavoidable circumstances beyond the hotel’s control
8. If the hotel is deemed unsafe for accommodation by the regulations and rules of the Republic of Korea

Article 3 Statement of Personal Information If the hotel receives an accommodation request (hereafter "reservation") prior to the date of the actual occupancy, the hotel may require the following details to identify the following particulars within a designated period:
1. Name, gender, nationality, phone number or email address
2. Other information deemed necessary by the hotel and law

Article 4 Reservation Deposit1. The hotel shall guarantee a reservation only when the request for the reservation is followed by a payment of a deposit. However, a reservation shall be guaranteed if a credit card information is provided
2. When the deposit aforementioned comes within the scope of Article 5, such deposit shall be utilized to cover the cancellation charge, with any remainder refunded. When a credit card, without deposit, is used for a reservation, the relevant credit card company will be charged for payment of the deposit as stipulated in Article 5
3. In case of reservation or cancellation by credit card, the hotel shall inform the reservation maker of the receipt number, receipt date, receiver’s name, and deposit amount

Article 5 Cancellation/Modification1. If the party or parties holding the reservation cancels / modifies in part or in whole, the hotel will impose a cancellation c harge in accordance with the following:
- Free cancellation up to 15:00 4 days before arrival
- 50% of the booked first day will be charged if cancelled up to 15:00 2 days before arrival
- 100% of the booked first day will be charged if cancelled up to 15:00 1 day before arrival
- 100% of the booked stay will charged if cancelled on the day of arrival or no-show

2. When the reservation is considered cancelled in accordance with the preceding paragraph, but the party or parties concerned is or are able to prove that the failure to arrive was due to the delay or non-scheduled disruptions of the means of conveyance and not to any personal cause, the hotel will not impose any cancellation charge.

Article 6 Provision for Cancellation1. Except as otherwise stated, the hotel reserves the right to cancel in the following circumstances:
1) If it is deemed to fall under Article 2 Paragraph 3 to Paragraph 8
2) If details are requested as stipulated in Article 3 but are not complied with by the specified deadline
3) If the deposit is requested as stipulated in Article 4 Paragraph 1 but is not complied with by the specified deadline

2. If the hotel has cancelled a reservation in accordance with the foregoing paragraphs 1) and 2), it shall refund any deposit received for such reservation

Article 7 RegistrationGuests must register the following particulars with the front desk on the day of arrival:
1) Items of Article 3 Paragraph 1
2) Passport number, visa status, place and date of landing in Korea from foreigner guests
3) Resident registration number from Korean guests
4) Current address, phone number, date of birth
5) Departure date and time
6) Other information deemed necessary by law and the hotel

Article 8 Check-Out Time 1. The time for vacating the room by all guests (CHECK-OUT TIME) is 11 AM

2. The hotel may permit the use of a room beyond this time by imposing additional charges as follows:
1) By 3:00 PM: 1/4 of the room fare
2) By 5:00 PM: 1/2 of the room fare
3) Past 5:00 PM: Total room fare for 1 night

Article 9 Operating HoursThe operating hours of the hotel facilities are listed in this handbook.

Article 10 Payment of Bills1. Payments of bills must be made at the front desk of the hotel in cash, traveler’s checks, credit cards, or coupon accepted by the hotel on the day of departure or when requested. However, the hotel does not accept personal checks.
2. Guests may be requested to prepay 120% of total accommodation charges from the date of occupancy

Article 11 Observance of RulesGuests are kindly requested to observe the Rules established by the hotel and posted within the hotel

Article 12 Refusal of Continued AccommodationThe hotel reserves the right to refuse any continued accommodation in the following circumstances, notwithstanding the period accepted:
1. If Article 2 from Paragraph 3 to Paragraph 8 is deemed to apply
2. If any guests does not observe the rules in the foregoing articles
3. If the guest fails to make the appropriate deposit for an extension of stay

Article 13 Responsibilities of Accommodation 1. The responsibility of the hotel concerning accommodation starts from the time a guest is registered at the front desk and terminates at the time when payment is completed and the guest leaves the guestroom
2. The hotel cannot accept responsibility for an accident arising out of a guest’s failure to observe the rules of the hotel
3. In the event that a guest can no longer be accommodated due to reasons for which the hotel is responsible, the hotel will secure accommodation of the same or similar standard at facilities elsewhere

Article 14 Receipt and Return of Room Key1. When registering at the front desk, the guest will receive room key(s). At check-out, the guest must return the room key(s) at the front desk along with the payment.
2. If the guest loses the room key(s) during the period of stay, the guest must notify the front desk immediately.

Article 15 Damage or Loss of Interior FurnishingThe hotel accepts a deposit with credit card for the payment of accommodation and other charges. If the interior furnishing is damaged or lost during the stay, payment of the item(s) shall be deducted from the deposit as below.
Hair Dryer: 40,000 KRW (40 USD)
Towel (unit price): 15,000 KRW (15 USD)
Desk Lamp: 150,000 KRW (150 USD)
Bathrobe (unit price): 30,000KRW (30 USD)
Safe: 200,000 KRW (200 USD)

*Other items not listed above may be charged 150% of the actual purchase price.