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Meeting Hall

Designed to be the meeting place for social or business events on Jeju Island, our Emerald Hall is peerless.

Elegance and grace, quality, and service define our approach to facilitating gatherings and ensuring an unrivaled experience for the guests. ​

From the art of weddings and celebrations to the organization of launches, exhibitions, and business meetings, whether your event is modest or large, 

set indoors or under the sun, we have the space and the expertise to realize your vision and enchant your guests.​ 

One of our many points of pride at GoldOne Hotel & Suites, this luxurious banquet hall with its stunning furnishings 

complimented by the service concentrated on your sophisticated requirements will not disappoint you and your guests.​ 

Accommodating up to 90 guests seated, Emerald Hall is a perfect choice for all manner of meetings, celebrations, seminars, launches, and exhibitions.​ 

Please enquire at +82 (0)64 801 5000​
WhatsApp +8210 2199 3360 (Messages Only)