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Secret Garden

Renowned to be the best trailing Olle course in Jeju, Olle 7 gil is a few minutes' walks away from GoldOne Hotel & Suites​.
​Take a stroll from our Secret Garden path to Olle 7 gil and let the nature wonder you as if you are on a Treasure Island.​
Discover this secluded and charming secret path where you will be met with Jeju’s foremost peace 
and breathtaking coastline filled with ancient volcanic rocks and pillars.​​

Wild birds chirping under the pristine Jeju pine tree forest, fresh ocean breeze flying through your hair, 
winding road with Jeju basalt boulder walls where you can spot Jeju cacti sprouting through the gaps, 
and a deserted rock beach after a passage which makes you feel like you are the first person to have explored.​
Rare to a modern life routine, Secret Garden will offer you an unforgettable fairy-tale like experience 
through the well-preserved nature and a piece of tranquillity that you have been yearning for.​
Hiking or jogging along the Secret Garden path has never been better.​
Please ask our member at the front desk for more info and direction.​